TakeAPart: Imperial Brands in India

Imperial Brands' cigarette brands are being Marketed to Kids in India

Tobacco companies cannot stay in business unless kids get hooked on tobacco.

Governments must enact and enforce policies mandated by the World Health Organization Framework Convention on Tobacco Control to protect kids from the aggressive marketing tactics of tobacco companies. Share now to stop Imperial Brands’ cigarette brands from being marketed to kids in India!

Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids in partnership with Consumer Voice and Voluntary Health Association of India

How Imperial Brands' Cigarette Brands are Marketed to Kids

Referring to youth as “replacement smokers”, the world’s largest tobacco companies are targeting kids with special advertising and promotions, tobacco products designed to appeal to youth, and product placement near primary and secondary schools across the globe.

That’s because kids are more susceptible to cigarette advertising and marketing than adults. The vast majority of all smokers begin their addictive habit before they reach age 18, and almost nobody tries smoking for the first time after 18. In other words, if large numbers of kids did not try smoking and go on to become regular users, the tobacco companies eventually would not have enough adult customers to make staying in business worthwhile.

In India, investigations of points of sale immediately surrounding primary and secondary schools uncovered advertising and product placement of Imperial Brands’ cigarette brands.


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