TakeAPart: Altria in United States

Alleged Violations of Tobacco Control and Other Laws

Tobacco companies aggressively block, weaken, and undermine policies designed to protect public health and reduce tobacco use, and at times they may work outside of countries’ laws.

FDA must act and we must protect FDA’s ability to shield our kids from Big Tobacco’s efforts to lure them into a lifetime of addiction and disease.

How Tobacco companies violate laws

Tobacco companies are simply unlike any other business – their industry is built on lies and manipulation and their product kills when used as intended. Tobacco companies fight and undermine proven measures that reduce tobacco use and save lives.

That’s what is alleged to have happened in the United States, where Altria has apparently marketed products without legally required FDA authorization.

It appears that Altria introduced Markten Elite, a JUUL look-alike product, into the marketplace without legally required FDA authorization.



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